About Journey

1.Bali They called Bali the land of God, and Ubud is the village of Art.
Intuition told me, I have to start my journey from here!
Surrounded by the sun, lush green, and fresh air, I draw.
2.Europe I went to Europe looking for the next place to exhibit mywork:Mykonos, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and Helsinki.
The next year I visited Mykonos, since it was there my painting was exhibited.
3.Greece My thought turned to Greek myth.
I went to Greece and I was inspired by Mykonos.
So I painted Metha antoropos, Perican.... around pure buildings and beautiful sea.
4.Peru Beside Lima, Cusco, Macchupichu, I also visited Nasca.
In Nasca, there is a big drawing in the earth, before Nasca I imagined a common point between my work and the drawing in the earth.
I sought to confirm my hypothesis.
5.Spain It‘s the place where great artist Lived and painted before, Picasso, Miro, Gaudi etc etc.
I stayed here, and I could feel their soul.
6.Fiji A long time ago, I think it was Mu-continent, a great and prosperity of ancient civilization But they were punished by God, because of too much prosperity.
He made Mu-continent sink under the sea.
So I was interested in Fiji.
It has a mystic power which inspired people
It made me realize that I want to paint picture that have a message for the future.
The ancient civilization that I encountered in Fiji inspired me to communicate with future through my work.
Monument Valley
Sedona is a special powerspot in the world, and Monument Valley is birth of American Indian.
So I was interested in these places, and I visited I feel spiritual mind and power of Nature.
I heard the real natural sound of wind.
8.Mexico I've always had a passionate interested in ancient civilization around the world.
My visit to Macchupichu and Nasca was an opportunity to learn about The INNKA Empire in Peru.

I receive my inspiration from the places I visit and the experience I have there in.
My visit to Mexico bestow on the opportunity to experience the world of the MAYAN and express the conjured feeling and thoughts in my art.